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Whether your injury was from a car accident, slip or fall, work, sports, or age related wear and tear, the first step in your injury care is getting it well documented. Our experienced doctors specialize in documenting your injury. Once your injuries are evaluated, a customized treatment plan will make sure you follow up on your path to recovery. Our philosophy: leave surgery as the last option and avoid addictive medications.

                                                                                                           -Dr R. Faderani, DO

Our three clinics are equipped with state of the art C-arms that provide digital documentation, along with recovery rooms.


We offer free transportation throughout South Florida.

The details of your injuries are very important in establishing a proper diagnosis. Without proper documentation, establishing the cause and remedy for your injury becomes difficult. This results in sub-optimal care and recovery.

We do not provide chiropractic adjustments. Our centers focus on patients who did not improve with conservative therapies. We start with safe medications and bracing to minimally invasive procedures, and we leave surgical intervention only as the last result. We do not prescribe controlled substances and do not operate as a PMC.


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We do not treat individuals suspected of being involved in insurance scams. We cooperate fully with investigators who raise this concern. Personal injury patients must sign forms testifying that they are not taking part in any such activity. No narcotic or addictive pain pills are prescribed from our offices.

"It starts with detailed documentation"